This is the meaning of commitment in a relationship and tips for maintaining it, Jakarta – Commitment is a form of bond and a necessity so that partners can freely communicate their ideas, feelings and desires. Because, a love relationship is built from two people with different characters and personalities.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain a commitment so that you and your partner can achieve a healthy relationship. So, what does commitment actually mean in a relationship?

The meaning of commitment itself is very broad. For example, the meaning of commitment is a form of belief to stay together in a relationship. However, it is not easy to build a fair commitment in a relationship. The reason is, when it comes to commitment, both you and your partner may not be ready and doubtful.

Tips for Maintaining Commitment with a Partner

Before knowing how to keep commitments, you should know the purpose of building commitments with your partner. Find out more through this article 4 Commitments You Can Work With Your Partner.

Maintaining commitment is having the confidence to dare to dream, plan, and hope to share many things with your partner. This belief does not mean that it will eliminate your freedom or desire personally.

Precisely with commitment, both you and your partner are trying to unite freedom and desire to reach a mutual agreement. Here are some tips on maintaining commitment in relationships that you can try to apply in relationships:


You can achieve great commitment in a relationship by sharing positive experiences with your partner. Do positive activities together like sports, shopping, playing games, or even working together.

You can also re-do special unforgettable activities with your partner, such as having dinner at the same restaurant as the first meeting at that time. This can increase intimacy and affection for each other.


Another tip for keeping commitments is to express love. Tell your partner that you care about them, both with words and actions. Sure, actions will always have more impact than nice words, but that doesn’t mean that verbal caring isn’t important.

Because, words and actions will always go hand in hand. For example, take your partner to the movies, buy flowers or chocolates and tell them that you love them. Let you and your partner know each other care and love.

Apart from giving gifts, there are still many ways to express your love for your partner that you can do. Read the article Not Only Gifts, This Is How to Show Love to Your Partner to find out how.

This is the meaning of commitment in a relationship and tips for maintaining it


Commitment is something that is impossible to form if someone feels that other people do not want or respect him. So, it is important for both partners to feel mutual respect in a relationship.

Give compliments to your partner sincerely and wholeheartedly. By appreciating your partner, you will show trust and affection. This will also increase the partner’s desire to maintain commitment.


The most important aspect of a relationship is communication. Start with simple things like greeting each other every day. This is a simple technique that is quite effective for increasing responsibility in relationships.

You can greet each other when you wake up, or when you meet your partner after work. In addition, it is also important to always communicate openly and honestly. Because, when you and your partner maintain healthy communication, trust in the relationship will be built.


Another tip for keeping commitments is not blaming each other, even if you are really angry with your partner. If necessary, you can give space to your partner to calm each other down.

Wait until you and your partner feel open to listening to each other. Then, you can start communicating with a cool head and look for solutions while preventing similar problems from arising.

Relationships that have responsibility will certainly have clearer goals. So, what is an attached relationship like? You can read it from the Must Know article, These are the Stages of a Committed Relationship.

Indeed, keeping the meaning of commitment is not easy. However, if you and your partner agree to do it together, it certainly won’t be difficult. Apart from that, you also need to know what needs to be done so that you and your partner will last forever.

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