5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Have Equal Feedback in Relationships

Salvabrani.com – In fact, two people who are in a love relationship should realize that effort or sacrifice is not only made by one person. But there must be good and compact cooperation between two people, so that the relationship continues to work in balance.

It’s not a calculation or not sincere in fighting for a relationship to stay harmonious, but there are many benefits that can actually be obtained from having this commensurate feedback. Therefore, commensurate feedback in relationships is just as important. Why is that? Here are five reasons.

1. So that no party feels less appreciated

For example, all this time you have been in a relationship, but you are the only one who looks or appears to be struggling to make a harmonious relationship. It must have crossed your mind if your partner really doesn’t really care about your efforts and sacrifices.

As a result, you feel that all this time your partner has not appreciated your existence. The only proof is that he hasn’t given adequate feedback or at least he can show that your efforts should be appreciated.

2. There is feedback that is commensurate with evidence that you and your partner play an active role in the relationship

All this time you have tried to be loyal to a relationship, he has also shown his loyalty to you. Well, that is a form of feedback that is commensurate and must exist in a love relationship.

That is, you and your partner both play an active and compact role to maintain the integrity of the relationship. It is this active role that can help your relationship always be harmonious and also have progress, because you and your partner have good cooperation in maintaining a relationship.

5 Reasons Why It's Important to Have Equal Feedback in Relationships

3. Avoiding conflict due to the fact that one party feels that they are always fighting alone

The importance of commensurate feedback in relationships is also to avoid conflicts or misunderstandings. Even though you love your partner very much, but if there is no initiative to show it, then your partner will not be able to feel and know about your heart and your seriousness.

As a result, the partner will feel that he has been fighting alone all this time. Because there is not much effort and proof if you really love your partner. So the possibility for problems and conflicts to arise will be very large because your partner will definitely continue to question your contribution to the relationship so far.

4. You both don’t give up if you feel the relationship is being tested with many problems

When you are both trying to solve a problem, without letting it linger, that is an example if you and your partner don’t want to just give up on what happened.

That’s a sign that you and your partner are trying to provide commensurate feedback. For example, when you two are fighting, you try to give in and calm things down. When the relationship is overwritten by problems or fights again, even the partner will be willing to give in and want to lower his ego so that the fight doesn’t get worse.

5. Make a lasting relationship because both try to give their best

Behind a lasting relationship, of course there are two people who try to give the best according to their abilities. Therefore, a commensurate feedback is very important in relationships.

Because it indicates that there are two people who both want to fight for the relationship and show their maximum effort. So that the relationship can continue to survive because there are two people who consistently provide good things in it.

Have you and your partner both given their best and as much as possible for the relationship? Because having feedback is also one of the reasons why relationships can last a long time and be harmonious.