What Does the Word Break Mean in a Relationship? Beware of Misunderstanding!

https://salvabrani.com/ – ‘Break’ is an English word which, if you look for it in the Translation Dictionary, means that in Indonesian it means to destroy.

Not only that, there are several other meanings of break in Indonesian, namely break, break, crack, break, and several other meanings. However, what is the intended meaning of a break in a love relationship?

The meaning of the word ‘break’
Even though the meaning is destructive, this meaning does not apply to a break in a love relationship.

Break in a love relationship refers more to the meaning of ‘rest’. This means taking a moment or some time to rest yourself and your partner from the relationship.

Break in Amara’s Relationship

Usually breaks are used to both provide space for partners over a longer period of time, for example several days, weeks, or even months, with the aim of self-evaluation and refreshing from a relationship that may not be conducive.

What Does the Word Break Mean in a Relationship? Beware of Misunderstanding!

This decision was taken when both parties still wanted to be together and had hopes of staying in touch, but there needed to be some distance to feel that they needed each other again and to improve themselves.

It’s no wonder that this one decision is usually taken by couples who have been in a relationship for a long time.

Break vs Break Up

Obviously, the difference is that a break doesn’t allow your partner to open up to other people or connect with other people romantically.

Both parties are still in the status of having a partner but the relationship is in break status or taking a short break.

After both decide to break for a certain time, then each partner can decide to continue the relationship or even end it.

In essence, the meaning of a break is usually done to temporarily get out of a problem, although it is not completely able to overcome the existing problem.

So, break doesn’t mean break up! You are still in a relationship with your lover.