More of Thor

More of Thor

Funny pictures about Thor. Thor Everywhere. Oh, and cool pics about Thor. Thor Everywhere. Also, Thor. Thor Everywhere.

Thor… Thor Everywhere. man, I wish I had a Naviga-Thor! But I think I might laugh too hard to drive.

Thor Everywhere. I know I'd like math more if I had a calcula-thor lol

I'm not pinning this because I'm amused by Thor. I'm pinning this because for Jani-Thor, they used a picture of Janitor from Scrubs and THAT is awesome!

Thor… Thor Everywhere. Isn't he a-thor-able? I just couldn't resist.

"I'm Thor!" "Oh, you're Thor?" "Well, it hurts.

Thor… Thor Everywhere --is the marvel fandom on hiatus.

Thor… Thor Everywhere. And I'm turning every one of these into a joke. "What do you call Chris Hemsworth as a custodian?"----- this post is hilarious

Thor… Thor Everywhere. <==his smile can see that he's thinking "ah yes, they make puns of my name yet I still look godly.

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