Grace is 16, she's best friends with Phil Lester but when things get too tough she decides to end it

About a girl named Jane who suffers from depression and self harms until she meets a boy named Mason as they get to know each other they go through a traumatic event.

I was in the middle of another panic attack my abusive ex who had raped me verbally abused me and numerous other things had come back and tried to take me again I quickly slammed and locked the door calling my boyfriend I was crying and shaking trying to

How it honest to god felt to be with him. I would unconsciously stop doing all o… – Stupidly Simple Technique

She'd never been worth anything and now she was expected to be Queen. She was afraid of being worthless, used. But, he kept her from that darkness inside of her.

I watched my husband sleeping today. Not in some creepy crawly stalker way but in a way that caused me to be humbly thankful and deeply introspective.

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