Skye Ryan Evans

Skye Ryan Evans

Please Lord,help us to find you once again and heal this once Great Nation.God Bless the USA.

Our country is lost and struggling to find it's way. Lord help us to seek you first and restore this once great nation. Our blessings have always come from you. Please take us from this dry dusty and place to one with showers of blessings.

As stated/pinned via Darrin C: "America Has Lost Her Way, & Our Only Hope Is Jesus , Standing With Israel, Crushing The Warped Ideology Of The Radical Marxist Liberal Left & Radical Islamic Nazis" I absolutely agree

Eagle reflection by Anna Petrosyan

Lord, It is still the greatest country on earth, yet like a ship tossed at sea, it has been beaten and battered until there are holes in the sails and rust on the anchor. Please restore unto us our strength, our courage. In Jesus' name I pray.

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