Good Night My Beautiful Girl hope you had a great day? I'm excited i got a new phone! And it gotta lots of emoji on here so now I'm happy it's easier to type on here so I want be getting alots of headaches ! Anyway have I told you today? Guess what? Your my lil butt ! Know I'm seriously now ! I ❤️Ashlyn Nicole Howard-Bellah Forever! Well baby I hope you well, and have sweet dreams of Me and Us ! I know I'll will of You! Well keep me in your thoughts and prayers! I'll do the same ! I will write o
Reblogging again because Bobby’s attitude and physicality here demand it. LOL He knows exactly what he’s doing from the first, so confident - and so graceful; his movements are so beautiful. That 2nd one, with his hands on his …hips, sigh, looking down - those hands. Why is he looking down ? Why? The third one is just unfair. So aside from that gorgeous white shirt and peek of chest, we get to see this man in jeans, with that belt sort of dropping……..those jeans, urgh…. Trying NOT to stare, bu