Trendy Quotes About Moving On Betrayal Karma 68+ Ideas #quotes

Trendy Quotes About Moving On Betrayal Karma 68+ Ideas #quotes

Yup but keep denying it you liar! You can't even be faithful to the guy you been cheating on me with! But yes your honest alright! This guy sees right through your bulkshit!

Too bad I wasn't worth the truth. Bummer for some things will never change, you used a good person and were very selfish about how you went about it. Liar liar liar (Tricks are for kids) and games are meant to be played.

Game is up - You lost and you will never be ready for me a eye for eye my dear friend steven you can tell me why you were up there twisting things i said preying on her when she was at her weakest you can tell me all that when im beating u to death

I already knew about the cheating with the councillor, chief of chiniki, I just hope you all get tested.

So fucking true, you lied to my face multiple times you led me on. I know I’ve done some terrible shit but what you did makes you a horrible person it’s hard to feel bad for you

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