🤔...BRUHHHH!! 😱

The noses are completely different and the names (jill and margo) <-- noses change over time. What if Margo was her middle name and she went by that for a while then went back to Jill?

I can see the resemblance, but Despicable Me is by Illuminations, and Inside Out is by Pixar. Also the mom's name was Jill, not Margo. A nice headcanon anyway.

I don’t understand why people don’t like this head-cannnon sure Margo is Universal and Reilly’s mom is Disney but like u guys ship Elsa and Jack when Jack isn’t Disney so I agree with this head-cannon

Oh woah usually I don't like theories connecting movie from different studios but they look JUST LIKE EACH OTHER!

There's This theory that Riley is adopted. And since Margo was from a foster home she probably wanted to help a baby find a home that early in Riley's childhood. Omg that would be so cool!

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