#Platonic #Love #Quotes, #Platonic #Love #Sayings, #PlatonicLoveQuotesandSayings

#Platonic #Love #Quotes, #Platonic #Love #Sayings, #PlatonicLoveQuotesandSayings

Same pond equals same fish

Considered to be paradise on earth by many poets, Kashmir has caught the fancy of romantic souls for decades now. Save few years of political unrest, it has always been a filmmakers' delight and honeymooners' first choice.

Make every date a date to remember with these exotic dating ideas that suggest different places you can take your partner to along with some smart tips to make it a flawless experience for both of you.

Rendezvous On The Lake - єtєгภαℓℓy ℓuχє ♔ℓadyℓuχury♔

Sha la la la la la Don't be scared You got the mood prepared Go on and kiss the girl Sha la la la la la Don't stop now Don't try to hide it how You want to kiss the girl Sha la la la la la

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