NYC rooftop garden:)

NYC rooftop garden:)

rooftop garden New York City roof top garden, terrace, outdoor living.

Discover the beautiful urban garden ideas city dwellers need for summer. These inspired gardens will add flair to your outdoor space regardless of the square footage. For more DIY projects, Ikea hacks and outdoor gardening ideas go to Domino.

manhattan roof garden -- reminds me of the rooftop terraces I saw in Morocco. This assumes that my dream home also comes with a dream gardener

Walking Through Walls Kickoff: Amazing Eastern-Style Rooftop Terrace Garden Of A New York Duplex.

This private garden paradise awaits atop this duplex penthouse loft in prime Chelsea, New York City, USA. The garden is simply spectacular. The mature, fully-landscaped rooftop spreads over square feet on multiple levels with fascinating architectura

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