The Verge Review of Animals: the coywolf - The Verge

Coywolf: the animal has wolf DNA, coyote DNA and the rest is from dog. The coywolf can be 40 per cent larger than the Western coyote, with powerful wolf-like jaws.

Coywolf - Eastern coyote, an eastern wolf-coyote hybrid, West Virginia.

Coywolf: The coywolf, pictured here, in West Virginia is a mix of a wolf and coyote. Meet the 'coywolf' a hybrid of a wolf and a coyote which is taking over the northeast of the U.

InfinitelyWild - Gizmodo: Meet America's Newest Predator - Coywolf, Coyote/Wolf Hybrid "While the parks department has denied their existence, PBS has produced this hour-long documentary on the animals.

“A new species combining wolves, coyotes and dogs is evolving before scientists’ eyes in the eastern United States. Wolves faced with a diminishing number of potential mates are lowering their.

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