tumblr_nw6g4tn1Vc1qawi7xo1_1280.jpg (1080×1080)

tumblr_nw6g4tn1Vc1qawi7xo1_1280.jpg (1080×1080)

c❍̧venka☥̧ - I love the bat cat tattoo!

Wednesdaaayyyyyy my beeeootch!

Just frankstien and his wife!

I would consider getting this Wednesday sketch as a tattoo

Bride of Frankenstein ❤️

Kitty with bat wings!

art image on We Heart It

Tattoos by Georgina

Opiates And Violets

really like the cute little kitten

🌸💗Hey I'm Lily, I'm 19 from the uk 🌍 I consider myself to be a very down to earth!

Art flows through my veins.

🎃👻 and I are doing a charity event over Friday the & Saturday the of October, we have a number of designs pre drawn available to be tattooed.

26 years old ✢ Happily married ✢ All things fall season, rainy days, night skies & witchy vibes ✢ Horse owner & lover ✢ Self proclaimed dressage queen ✢ Bike chick ✢ Country living.

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