7,086 Likes, 63 Comments - @omypoetry on Instagram: “@mazadohta #poet #poetsofinstagram”

7,086 Likes, 63 Comments - @omypoetry on Instagram: “@mazadohta  #poet #poetsofinstagram”

I must be a ridiculously slow learner

the suffering. it will leave you alone when it is done teaching you life lessons. then it is totally up to you how to go on with your life ppl act the way they do to test us how to live our lives how to love and how to move on

Even tho during the pain it felt like it was never going to end and thought I could barely make it through the day- I did. Day showed me my strength and worth. When I count my blessings, the lessons and the growth are included.

Have pacience my friend

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