JJ Abrams dévoile un chasseur X-Wing de Star Wars 7

JJ Abrams dévoile un chasseur X-Wing de Star Wars 7

Incom X-Wing fighter - Star Wars: The Incom X-Wing is a new model X-Wing introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It is a redesign of the Incom X-Wing model featured in.

Abrams Reveals the X-Wing from Star Wars Episode VII: To what will surely please a gigantic fan base, J. Abrams has officially unveiled the X-Wing Starfighter that will be used in the upcoming Star Wars.

OK so it's not goss about Apple but it's Star Wars and that's important! Abrams has given us our first peek at the X-Wing fighter from Star Wars: Episode VII in a video he's posted promoting "Star Wars: Force for Change".

It's been a good day for Star Wars Episode 7 news. This morning brought what are possibly the first details of the plot, and this afternoon director JJ Abrams has shown off the X-Wing spacecraft as it will appear in the sequel.

There is still over a year until Star Wars Episode VII hits the movie theaters. Until then, Star Wars fans are looking anywhere and everywhere for every bit of information that they can find on the movie.

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