Berlin Wall (Portland Harbour, Maine)

Berlin Wall (Portland Harbour, Maine)

"Forget not the tyranny of this wall / Horrid Place / Nor the love of freedom that made it fall / Laid waste." Graffiti-style poem on a piece of the Berlin Wall erected nad displayed at Long Wharf, near Maine's Portland Harbour.

Berlin, Germany - I remember watching this fall in grade and realizing I was watching history unfold.

Falling of the horrific Berlin Wall; I'll never forget this momentous occasion. My parents courageously escaped from East Germany to West Germany just as the wall was being built!

Both my parents are fascinated by Germany and it's history and culture, and my father was serving an LDS mission right after the Berlin Wall was destroyed.

For class chapter 31 The Berlin Wall, separating East and West Germany, the Eastern Bloc from the Western Capitalist World is torn down in 1989

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