Penteadeira dos Sonhos

Penteadeira dos Sonhos

It's been raining here all day so going to stay home watch movies,drink hot cocoa and pretend it's winter😆Hope everyone is having a great…

All this appears to me is jealously

Best Ideas For Makeup Tutorials : The Hollywood Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

The Hollywood Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror Has Become The Centerpiece Of GLAM For Many Beauty Rooms Showcased Throughout Social Media.

40 Beautiful Makeup Vanities Ideas, MakeUp Your Life

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ISO: Make up!! Anything Too Faced!!! I’m looking for... Natural Love Palette I want Kandee Palette Summer Eyes Metal Palette Rock n Roll Palette Country Girl Palette Book of bronzers Life’s a festival collection The Heart shape beads for blush/bronze/shine All lippies Glitter bomb Palette  All full sized Bronzers except Sun Bunny.  I DON’T need...any love flush or sweetheart blushes. Any chocolate palettes Diamond or love light highlighters Soulmates bronzers Born this way products Plz share are
The magic in life is all around you! Sometimes we get wrapped up in thinking that magic is something we have to call in. But magic is something that’s already happening all around you! Your only job is to NOTICE. So take the time today to look for the little things. I find magic every time I leave my house (usually in the form of what I call Divine Winks - my symbols from the Universe). I see them literally EVERYWHERE and they never fail to make me feel connected and loved. So if you need a l...