Classic easy puzzles and brain games for adults - 2nd edition by j d kinnest (paperback

Classic easy puzzles and brain games for adults - 2nd edition by j d kinnest (paperback)

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This title is not returnableProduct DetailsISBN-13: 9781645214359 Publisher: Senor Sudoku Publication Date: 02-01-2019 Pages: 78 Product Dimensions: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.16dAbout the Author Senor Sudoku: - Senor Sudoku is an imprint of Editorial Imagen LLC. Senor Sudoku specializes in creating sudoku puzzle books, crossword puzzle books and word game books for both kids and adults. Our puzzle books are designed to help our users improve memory, stimulate their minds with mathematical and word puzzl
The maze puzzles are targeted specifically for adults and older children. They were designed to fully engage readers (puzzle solvers) with inspiring and interesting puzzle patterns. Through having variety in the assortment of puzzles, readers would be entertained for countless hours navigating to ultimate successes.This book will provide enjoyable and challenging hours of fun. The mazes have been grouped in three separate sections based upon the level of complexity. This enables the puzzle solve
Variety puzzle book with over 150 pages of puzzles including Word searches, Sudoku, Cryptograms and Word scrambles designed to improved memory and lower stress levels.This book With 140+ puzzle is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours! because is specially selected games to provide the perfect level of challenge and reward for your brain.What a great way to increase your vocabulary and activate your mind!With the large print, break the puzzles for hours without straining your eyes!Get you
Brain Teasing Sudoku Puzzle Book over 150 Puzzles The offer contains ONLY 2 titles regardless of the order quantity placed on this list. 2-Pack | 12-Pack | 24-Pack (ONLY 2 Titles, May Vary from the image). 48-Pack (2 Titles; May Vary from the image). This item may vary by volume for a total of two per order. Ordering in multiples will not change the volume received. The image is meant to display the type of book you will be receiving only. Perfect Puzzle Book for kids and adults to learn. Enjoy