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Often times when people decorate their homes, they overlook the importance of wall art. Wall art is typically, if even a thought, is on the bottom of their decorating to-do list. One of the most important principles in interior design is that every room should have a focal point, regardless if it is the living room, dining room, or bedroom. When placed in the right area of a room, wall art can instantly draw the attention of every visitor that walks into the room. WHY DO YOU NEED ONE? DIY Diamon
"Abstract woman figure wall art. Extra large leaf art of freedom, for the living room, bedroom or office decor. This semi-abstract figure art has a natural freestyle vibe. The woman and the leaves are carried by the wind. The woman is light and free minded as if she is the wind. I in the original painting I painted the leaves loosely in contrast to the woman figure. The blue and orange colors of this wall art, as well as the composition and the theme, suggest an innovative, natural feminine atmo
4 Pairs hold 16 pounds Maximum frame size of 24 inches x 36 inches Damage-Free Decorating: Say Goodbye to Holes, Marks, or Sticky Residue on Your Walls; Command Picture Hanging Strips by 3M Are Easy to Use and Help Keep Your Walls Looking Beautiful No tools required: Hang picture frames, wall art, mirrors, wall clocks, signs, dry erase boards, holiday decorations, acoustic foam boards, and other home decor where you want without nails or a hammer Strong and versatile: Command Strips hold strongl