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CHICAGO — a tremendous presentation is made a beeline for the Epiphany center for human expressions in the West Loop, anyway for one couple, it's a staggering blow.

As of right now, the "works of art of Banksy Chicago" Exhibition opens on Aug. 7 and goes through Oct. 31. Tragically, the stream may also impede Phil Aiello and Hayley Nagengast's wedding service plans.
Banksy Chicago
Banksy Chicago Canvas Street Art Print

"The retailer the dates have gone out saying we're getting hitched on Oct.
The works of UK-based street artist Banksy are currently seen around the planet. But no one is sure just who he is. So what do we know about Banksy? He is from Bristol, UK, and was born in 1974. Got involved in graffiti art sometime in the early 90s. Banksy began to gain widespread notoriety around 2003. His paintings, stencils, and other art pieces frequently address serious social issues. Through his talent and his dedication to art and his personal statements, Banksy has become perhaps the mo