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Golovkin (left) landed more punches overall during the 12 rounds  Gennady Golovkin's world middleweight title fight with Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez ended in a controversial draw.  After  a closely fought bout in Las Vegas one judge scored it 118-110 for  Alvarez another 115-113 for Golovkin and the third a 114-114 draw. There were boos when the decision was announced at the T-Mobile Arena and both boxers shook their heads.  Kazakh Golovkin 35 retains his WBA WBC and IBF titles and remains unbeaten in 38 fights. His  Mexican opponent 27 started and finished an absorbing fight the  stronger and also produced some of the more eye-catching shots.  Golovkin though landed more punches and had the better of the middle rounds. Judge  Adalaide Byrd had Alvarez as a clear winner Dave Moretti scored the  bout for Golovkin and Dan Trella had the fighters level. Alvarez's record now stands at 49 wins (34 KO) two draws and one defeat from 52 fights. In  the build-up to the fight Golovkin had described it as the "biggest of  this era" - and both men later said they were open to a rematch.  'These scorecards were ridiculous'  Some of your information will be collected when you use this feature. Find out more  Former heavyweight world champion Lennox Lewis tweeted: "I have GGG as clear winner. Loved that Canelo swung to the very end! Both are winners tonight." Former two-weight world champion Paulie Malignaggi said: "Canelo was never in it once it passed about round four or so."Floyd Mayweather Sr  whose son recently beat mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor in a  boxing match said the 118-110 scorecard was "ridiculous" and he saw the  fight as a draw. "I didn't think either one of them fought that good" he said. "That fight was kind of close real close." Former middleweight champion and co-promoter Bernard Hopkins said: "No-one is saying that Golovkin got robbed.  "What  they are saying is the score of a judge who has been around for a long  time and did a lot of my fights maybe saw things that we didn't see  and maybe counted things that we should know should have been counted. "The Nevada State Athletic Commission was asked if anything was going to be done about this. We don't know we hope.   "I  don't think anyone if you take the score away would say Golovkin  would have got robbed if the score was even closer than it should have  been and Canelo would have won. "The only dispute is that it was a  score was so far away from reality that made the fight look the way it  did. I'm saying they are two separate situations."
Joe Rogan chimes in with the harshness on Paulie Malignaggi thinking he could fight #UFC fw #champion @blessedmma  He should shut the fk up because if he wanted to have a UFC fight he can go over there and get his brain kicked in Hes out of his mind. Stop talking. Youre a boxer. Youre a very good boxer. Just shut your mouth.  Imagine what Max Holloway would do to Paulie Malignaggi in an MMA fight he said. Just imagine it. Just try to wrap your head around the kind of a-fking he would receive. Max Holloway would literally kill him if he wanted to. Literally kill him.  We'd love to see Malignaggi come over to the #UFC not going to lie at all.  http://ift.tt/2r1Pv4u  #mma news #ufc news #bjj #bjjgirls #love #instagood #mmahypewatch #conormcgregor #rondarousey #ronda rousey #boxing #taekwondo #silat #conor McGregor #wrestling #kickboxing #mma hype watch #tumblr #picoftheday #love #instamood
According to former IBF junior welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi.  He stated : Its definitely above average. I wouldnt say its Oh my God power Oh my God power is very rare. Theres above average power so if he lands a good shot on you I mean granted with small fight gloves he will hurt you but its not Oh my God power where every time he touches you youre like my goodness this is very uncomfortable. Its not that kind of power but its good enough.  MMA fans think McGregor can prove him wrong and transfer that power into his boxing gloves?  http://ift.tt/2r1Pv4u  #mma news #ufc news #bjj #bjjgirls #love #instagood #mmahypewatch #conormcgregor #rondarousey #ronda rousey #boxing #taekwondo #silat #conor McGregor #wrestling #kickboxing #mma hype watch #tumblr #picoftheday #love #instamood #floydmayweathervsconormcgregor
Joe Rogan says MMA fans will never see another @thenotoriousmma ever again in the sport.  Rogan stated : Youre never gonna see another one like him because hes a unique person Joe Rogan told Russell Brand on the most recent edition of his podcast per MMA Fightings Jed Meshew. Hes literally being himself. Youre gonna see a bunch of people try to mimic that and in a sense he sort of mimicked the people who came before him like the Chael Sonnens and the Muhammad Alis and the people that were really good at talking st. The difference is what Conors been able to do is hes the first guy in the UFC thats been able to do that thats had spectacular results and also showed his real character in losing and then coming back and winning very quickly afterwards against the same guy - the Nate Diaz fight. That was a very important character exposing fight because he lost a fight he got humbled and then he jumped right back on the horse and then wound up winning. Then he comes back and blows Eddie Alvarez out of the water to become the first two-division concurrent champion in the sport.  http://ift.tt/2r1Pv4u  #mma news #ufc news #bjj #bjjgirls #love #instagood #mmahypewatch #conormcgregor #rondarousey #ronda rousey #boxing #taekwondo #silat #conor McGregor #wrestling #kickboxing #mma hype watch #tumblr #picoftheday #love #instamood