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Shkreli America's most hated man loses $15M in Bitcoin with Kanye album scam http://ift.tt/1LpCxOn   Get out your tiny violins. Martin Shkreli the man America loves to hate appears to have lost $15 million in bitcoins after he tried to buy the rights to Kanye Wests new album.Read Full Article at RT.com Source : Shkreli Americas most hated man loses M in Bitcoin with Kanye album scam  The post Shkreli America's most hated man loses $15M in Bitcoin with Kanye album scam appeared first on Takyou Blog.
Pharmaceutical kingpin Martin Shkreli bought the $2 million Wu-Tang album Back in March of 2014 rap's kung-fu-loving storytellers Wu-Tang Clan announced they'd only bemaking a single copy of their next album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin which would be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Despite protests from their fans and a well-meaning butultimately futile Kickstarter campaign to keep the album out of the hands of a millionaire the album reportedly sold foraround $2 million. Both the auction company Paddle8 and Wu-Tang refused to name the buyer and now it seems like there might've been a good reason for that. BecauseBloomberg has just unmasked him and it's... Martin Shkreli.  You'll probably never hear it  You might recognize Shkreli as the pharmaceutical exec behind the company that sells the...  Continue reading