I love you

A volte non è possibile esprimere a parole il sentimento che si prova verso qualcuno. Ecco una bellissima immagine piena d’amore da condividere con la persona che ti fa battere forte il cuore. Condividila sui social e dedicala alla tua persona speciale.

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About the Art Title: AmoreYear: 2019 Affirmation: "I love you" Product Line: Alisa Marie Fine Art Empowerment Pendants Description: Our Fine Art Pendants empower you take control of your life. Encourages you to know that you have a purpose and you are enough. They provide a beautiful gift for yourself or for those that need a reminder that they are loved. Key Features: Hand Selected Designs from my artwork in a Silver plated bezel and glass dome. Choice of an adjustable 18-inch black 2mm cord, w
What is more romantic than being able to tell your loved one "I LOVE YOU" in any language?, give it to him written on necklace!, This necklace in different beautiful designs includes the phrase I love you in 100 different languages Contains: 1Pcs 100 languages I love you necklace Size: Diameter 1.2cm Introduction: Method 1 1.Open the phone camera software 2.Align the convex surface of the pendant with a mobile phone 3.You can see the contents of the miniature carving from the mobile phone Method