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The Big Box by StratagemGreat decks win games, but great sideboards win tournaments. So why is it that deck boxes just don't come with sideboard space? Well, now they do. Meet The Big Box, corraller of cards and savior of sideboards. With a half-inch of extra width on cheapie card boxes, Stratagem's Big Boxes hold over 90 sleeved cards (or, if you're a little more cavalier with your cards, over 170 unsleeved). That's enough room for your 60-card deck, your 15-card sideboard, and a fancy matching
Tarot Liber T is beautiful pictorial cards that reflect the art and magic of the Hermetic traditions, the Egyptian sacred decans, the astrology of the Order of the Golden Dawn and the esoteric truths of the Book of Thoth. The deck is so colorful and contains such a large amount of esoteric symbolism that each card can be studied for many minutes. Each time the same card may appear to you from a unknown side. This deck is a great tool for meditation, immersion in oneself in search of meaning and
"A beautiful vintage Brown Leather Card Case holding 2 Packs Plastic-coated Cards. The Double Deck leather case has dark brown stitching down the sides and brass corners. The Twin Deck Playing Card Set is ideal for bridge and other card games. Has \"Playing Cards\" in Gold on the front. Snaps shut with a press stud closure. Each of the twin card decks inside the leather case is complete. Vintage brown leather playing card holders are hard to find in this great condition. The leather case measure
"Please note the deck is sold in a bag without a box and an instruction. Witchy Oracle is a beautiful and easy-to-use deck of cards. The deck is divided into four suits, each of which characterizes the four sides of a person's life and his relationship with the world - love and family, money or career, business, education and travel, our enemies, losses and failures. Thanks to clear drawings, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced fortune-tellers. Included: 52 cards + 2 Joker`s card C
If you want to turn to the sea, to your experiences, sensations, desires, you should pick up Tarot of Mermaids. This deck is mainly geared towards women. They are in the center of her attention. The cards depict mermaids who spend their time laughing with their girlfriends and traveling. Beauties work while the sun is standing, and then dance while the moon is shining.The plots of the cards are close to Waite's, but many of the cards traditionally depicting men, in this case, depict women. The c