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& @ 923 I only said you are repeating after Nazis, which is a different thing altogether. Oh how convenient – NOT BUYING IT You are claiming that my statements about Stalin’s murderous reign of Terror are wrong. Oh & James Watson wasn’t “just” ideologically wrong, he was actually wrong. These touches are a handy shortcut to the let the rest of us know we don’t need to take him seriously or bother much with his comments.

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I distinctly remember that at least one novel that included a comment about the lack of wisdom in burning petrochemicals that would be better used for plastics was in Roger Zelzany’s Damnation Alley. Might want to look up a contributor here who died from a heart attack. Or the Lawyer to Assange who «went mental» and killed himself in front of a train. And then consider something that can twist your reality and just blows breath of G_D and change your reality.


But in terms of driver deaths per registration year normalizing SUV to 1 you get mid-sized-car at about 1.8 and pickup at about 4. Your reply to my #154 – The lady in question does actually live her values, and shows personal integrity in other ways. I mentioned the cited points as an illustration that she is in no way qualified to make judgments like that about speed limits. It also chains to my related point about how well respected variable speed limits around schools in Scotland are.

  • The «good» influence operation gives us a look into what Russia feels.
  • Venice might flourish, but only by impoverishing Genoa.
  • First, wind and solar costs fell so far, so fast that they are now undercutting the cost of new gas in a growing number of regions.
  • As we see with the fallout from China no longer accepting plastic waste, it’s actually the least relevant.

If that’s not a political dogmatism, then I don’t know what is. Another words, they know better what to do with the economy, so «shut up and give me your money». China is a prime example of such logic – a lot of people claim that China economic boom only happened because of foreign xcritical scammers investors, so they should stop resisting politically and give up the control of their country to US billionaires and their corporations. Uranium extraction from seawater is proven experimentally, cost estimates run between $100 and $300 per kilogramme of uranium at the moment.

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I’m guessing that the same strategy was implemented in the other ‘-stans’. Consequently, I’m more apt to think that these non-gov’t records might be much more accurate than stuff that’s in the-then official Soviet gov’t files. As for the Ogallala and the Dakotas, I like the idea of the Buffalo Commons.

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It’s the long-time, never-stopped, clear history of utterly outrageous lies. As I recall, the opening salvo of the green revolution were to prevent lodging by breeding dwarf varieties, not to optimize output by jiggering with the proportions of the plants. Lodging is an easy thing to work with, a single variable that can be easily measured. Trying to optimize the architecture of a particular crop for a particular latitude is a lot harder, especially if you’re trying to model how the plant’s growing, which I’ve tried to do. Haven’t had time to read the original journal manuscript, but it occurs to me you’ll also have to carefully consider the impacts on plant water use, which may increase significantly.

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To Troutwaxer @688I think you’re conflating The Great Depression and The Dust Bowl.I think it is not just a coincidence that they all happened at the same time. In both China and USSR, which is at least famous enough. Now, for the reference, I simply am unable to find out what was an agricultural situation in the rest of the world in the beginning of century, because Google results are clogged with anti-communist propaganda with nothing else to report besides that. But (using the generic ‘you’) you are more likely to kill a pedestrian, cyclist or people in other vehicles because of risk compensation. Practically speaking, nostalgic White movement-in-exile did not change much ever since. Naturally most people know all too well the worth of perspective of tsarism, rabid nationalism and revanchist fervor.

  • Countries like Australia might well be interested in buying in this capability too and maybe even the US, if it ever decides that a real nation-wide grid is a good idea.
  • Not that long after – once it affects enough people, I’d prefer to believe that, at the end of it, on average, there’ll be a transition to a ‘not-that-scarce’ economy.
  • 200 MeV of energy, Avogadro’s constant is about 6e23, uranium is mostly U238, 1 MeV is 1.6e-13 joule, so fissioning 10 grams of uranium produces about 800 GJ, if I have done it right.
  • It’s mostly uranium oxide and it’s likely the uranium residues would also have been dumped locally too but the quantities would have been much less than the tin refining residues and uranium is a lot less harmful than arsenic, of course.
  • Doing that would be hard but it’s at least plausible.
  • It sounds sarcastic when I say I mow things, but it’s the pragmatic solution do dealing with this kind of plant riot.

People who drive, especially those who drive «safer cars», are simply pushing the risk onto other people. Like the UK, our government is headed by a figure called «Prime Minister » and I still think that’s funny. It’s not as good as an elected president, but at least a rotating prime ministership means only the things they’re really committed to get put up and only the things there’s wide support for within parliament pass. Which reveals some very bad things about them, but, well, I suppose at least we know.

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P.S. Nuclear waster is a problem, but already solvable. In 100 years there is 100 times less radiation than in cooled down fuel after removal from reactor and most of left radiation is from transuranic elements which a) are known how to separate b) could be transmuted in fast reactors. So basically the only worry is cesium and strontium which are hard to transmute. Nuclear power is the safest form of energy by far, especially compared with coal, which https://xcritical.solutions/ continues to cause hundreds of thousands of premature deaths a year from air pollution in addition to contributing to climate change. Before you assume this is a government coverup, Charlie and others have posted several times on this blog that a similar increase was seen in the British population as a result of the WWII ration system. In Table 1 of the stack exchange link, they showed that mortality due to disease also declined in that era.

  • The forex market is an entirely decentralised bazaar of an array of currencies, which is independent of any pressures from a single country or authority.
  • Where the politico-economic fluctuations come into it is in the further unfortunate coincidence that the climate reverted to normal at a time when increased production was being called for – partly as it happens due to shortage of grain imports from Russia.
  • The resulting metal scrap is low-level waste and is suitable for recycling after a couple of decades of storage to assuage the feelings of anti-nuclear folks.
  • It’s a problem with solid-carbon moderators, only really understood after a couple of decades of operation, basically neutron-induced microfractures in the graphite matrix.

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