Chap Has Destroyed When He Attempts To Contact Ladies Clingy

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He Tried To Enjoy Like women can be Clingy And have Rooooasted On Facebook

The Story

Everyone understands that women are clingier than males, right? JK. That’s only a stereotype. Until we’ve some tough science with this, I’m gonna refer to it as a draw. Genuine facts are, you can find male clingers and female clingers. Normally, guys just be sure to play like they never ever get feelings, then again they go and do a little crazy junk like hijack an airplane in order to get in contact with their unique ex. When ladies tend to be clingy about it is simply, like, anticipating one reply to their own texting. 

Well, these are hijacking, one guy’s snarky fb condition had gotten hijacked HEAVY lately. This dude Ben tried to play like he was cold as ice and not a stage-five clinger. Let us have a look at the carnage:

The Picture

And that is when Jessica dropped the bomb:

And Daphné joined up with in:

And Anika delivered the death blow:

The Lesson

The funny thing about delivering folks communications is the fact that those emails are actual easy to screenshot. If you should be likely to be clingy whenever messaging women, hit your self aside. Maybe whomever you’re trying to message is going to be in it — the net online sugar mama dating sites world is full of wonderful people. (Although… you shouldn’t say «hey» 60 instances to prospects. That’s merely creepy.)

But if you will trash-talk a whole sex when your very own record is less than clean… appears like you better be prepared for some FB information skeletons in the future out the closet. R.I.P. Ben’s reputation.