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What Is a Billing Statement?

For example, credit card holders can receive their billing statements by mail or online. A billing statement is a periodic statement that lists all of the purchases, payments, and other debits and credits made to your credit card account within the billing cycle. Your credit card issuer sends your billing statement about once a month. A significant portion of a credit card billing statement is utilized for the disclosure of transactions. Typically a credit issuer will provide an itemized summary of interest rates charged by the transaction category at the beginning of the transaction report. The account transactions section will then show each transaction charged during the billing cycle. Transactions typically include detailed information about the charge including the transaction date, post date, merchant name, and transaction amount.

  • If you’ve previously used Microsoft Excel or Word to create your invoices or billing statements, you’ll never look back once you’re using the features from Invoice2go.
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  • We tend to call it a “bill” because you “bill” for your services, while you get an “invoice” for goods – but in practice the two terms are generally interchangeable.
  • Typically a credit issuer will provide an itemized summary of interest rates charged by the transaction category at the beginning of the transaction report.
  • This is formatted to ensure that you have every major bit of information at a glance.

However, you won’t be able to make additional charges on your account. Make sure you read through it every month so you know what’s happening with your account. You might also find it helpful to include a statement number, not to be confused with the invoice number. Free invoice generator Generate professional invoices with one click. You may print the statement using your browser or PDF viewer print function. You may need to disable pop-up blocking, check your download folder, or open the file when prompted.


Buyers should routinely pay balances due when an invoice arrives instead of waiting for statements. Statements are sometimes issued before payments are processed so by accidentally paying your invoices, you avoid confusion as to whether a balance has been paid when you receive a statement. You can seal a deal with a handshake, but most businesses prefer something in writing. Statements and invoices both track unpaid debts for goods or services but they do it in different ways. When you make out your bookkeeping, accounting rules also require you to know the difference between invoice and statement and how they’re treated. Also, if your credit card information was stolen without your knowledge and is being used to make small, online transactions that don’t seem out of the ordinary, there’s a chance your bank may not catch it.

What Is a Billing Statement?

A statement is a monthly or quarterly report of how much the customer owes on all outstanding invoices. Over the past two years, he’s shared his expertise and has brought understanding to complex topics as a writer and editor for sites like Bankrate, and NextAdvisor. His advice on avoiding common credit card fees, top balance transfer tactics and more financial tips have been featured on MSN Money and other various news publications. Your statement will include a summary of the interest and fees you may have faced in the current year. Even an annual fee will appear here, so don’t be alarmed if this section displays a charge and you’ve done nothing to warrant a penalty fee. Most other fees are avoidable if you know the ways around them, and you may be able to negotiate a lower interest rate with your bank if you’re carrying a balance.

Transactions from the billing period

The statement you download online is an exact version of the one you’d receive in the mail. When billing statements are mailed, the seller incurs the cost of printing and postage.

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Depending on the agreement, it might still be your responsibility to pay a recurring bill on-time, even if the monthly bill What Is a Billing Statement? never reaches you. If it’s happened to you many times and affected your credit, you may wish to consult with an attorney.

What is the difference between a billing statement and an invoice?

It will also list your minimum monthly payment, any payments received, account activity related to the card, as well as notes about any added fees. A billing statement is a listing of the transactions made on an account during a period of time, usually a month. In the case of credit cards, it outlines a user’s spending activity over the previous month. This statement clearly lists the user’s minimum required payment, any rewards earned, any interest fees charged, and the total balance currently on the credit card.

What Is a Billing Statement?

When you click on the «Apply Now» button, you can review the credit card terms and conditions on the issuer’s web site. Billing Statementmeans a statement provided to the Cardholder showing information, including , the Debt, the minimum payment due and the Payment Due Date. That way, you have proof that you disputed the billing error if the credit card issuer doesn’t resolve the issue.

View or download your billing statement

Others, however, show all transactions within the given statement period. The invoice number and total from each invoice are itemized on the statement.

Why did Amazon take money from my account?

Your bank reserves the funds until the transaction processes or the authorization expires, but this isn't an actual charge. If you cancelled your order, the authorization will be removed from your account according to the policies of your bank.