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Image result for travel quotes tumblr

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This mouthwatering Honey Garlic Shrimp Stir Fry is the perfect weeknight dinner idea you can make with a few simple ingredients in just 15 minutes.

How Teddy feels about Victoire.

And when you're away from that person you're homesick, Tu me manques babe.

That's where I had said gosouth stay her as long as we're together it would feel like home she is family.

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. This is for real. I remember all the times I would see her, the shock & awe that I would feel all the way to my soul. I remember the way my heart would race, the way I'd feel my body floating away with the feelings of nervousness & butterflies, always thinking to myself do not screw this moment up with her. She is the single most beautiful woman I have ever had a privilege to love. She gives me the sweetest feelings I've ever known as she shares her love with me. I'll always love her!💗💗💗💗