Thyroid Disease can be rough some days

Thyroid Disease can be rough some days

"The Doctor announcement is clearly separating the real fans from the "fad seekers." It's comical to see people losing their interest without watching the new Doctor. " << it really is<<<< so true. But I love the twelfth doctor

I have a feeling that the new Doctor will weed out some of the Doctor Who hipsters. (By that, I mean the people who only started watching it when it became popular, and don't necessarily like the show in its entirety)

I have no issues with the new Doctor. But he has the quirky look to him that the Doctor usually has and he has the knowledge and experience as an actor.

I don't even like Doctor Who and I giggled at this. I find it a shame that people who talk so much about how amazing a show really is due to plot etc are worked up because the new doctor isn't young and "pretty"

Don't let the TARDIS door hit you on the way out!

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