Thyroid Disease can be rough some days

Thyroid Disease can be rough some days

"The Doctor announcement is clearly separating the real fans from the "fad seekers." It's comical to see people losing their interest without watching the new Doctor. " How true! omg people think doctor who is still doctor who!

The first Doctors were ALL older. Its not like they are doing anything out of the blue with an older Doctor. Only real fans may know this stuff) --Yup Yup!

I'm actually really excited about Peter Capaldi taking on the role of the Doctor. And THIS was exactly why I'm glad the new doctor's older- we can get rid if people who don't like the show, only the actor.

It's called loyalty people. People hated the idea of Matt Smith as the Doctor and look how well that turned out.

I don't even like Doctor Who and I giggled at this. I find it a shame that people who talk so much about how amazing a show really is due to plot etc are worked up because the new doctor isn't young and "pretty"

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