Thyroid Disease can be rough somedays /

Thyroid Disease can be rough somedays /

I really need to fire my housekeeper. this is awkward. Try again - I really need to introduce my housekeeper to Norwex!

"The Doctor announcement is clearly separating the real fans from the "fad seekers." It's comical to see people losing their interest without watching the new Doctor. " How true! omg people think doctor who is still doctor who!

If you only watch Dr Who for eye candy you are not a true fan.

I absolutely love that it's an old doctor and I hate twilight but I'm a huge One Direction Fan so fuck you who ever did this!

I'm actually really excited about Peter Capaldi taking on the role of the Doctor. And THIS was exactly why I'm glad the new doctor's older- we can get rid if people who don't like the show, only the actor.

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