Complete guide to the stunning island of Lombok in Indonesia. Click to find out best things to do in Lombok, where

Accepting your own death may not be the easiest thing you ever do, but it could be the simplest. “Approaching death requires simple surrender, where you accept death as a state of embracing life,” says Marc Lerner, author of A Healthy Way to be Sick.

Backpacking in Southeast Asia

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10 tips for photographing the Northern Lights no matter where your travels take you from Iceland to Alaska to Canada to Lapland and more. Similar to painting with light, capturing the Aurora Borealis properly can be difficult. Learn how to take photos similar to those of a desktop wallpaper with this photography guide. Practical travel photography tips. | Geotraveler's Niche Travel Blog #NorthernLights #Photography #PhotographyTips #Travel #BucketList #Wanderlust #Lapland #Scandinavia