OMG Disney did it again!

OMG Disney did it again!

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel in Frozen. Umm Kari, have you seen this pin? *Mindblown* (although I don't remember Rapunzel saying this at the end.

Oh Disney. Rapunzel & Eugene on their honeymoon in Frozen.

:) YEEEESSSSSS Flynn: here's the story of how I almost froze to death Rapunzel: Flynn. Let's not be dramatic Flynn: it started when Blondie and I started our honeymoon Rapunzel: Flynn. Flynn: quiet Blondie telling a story here.

Disney's done it again. Frozen + Tangled omg I love Disney!

So they never said that in Tangled, but true to form, other Disney characters show up in Frozen: Rapunzel and Eugene!

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