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Names & Rarities of All Leaked Fortnite Skins & Cosmetics Found in the V7.30 Files There were many leaked Fortnite skins and cosmetics found in the v7.30 update and we now have the names and rarities of all. The v7.30 update dropped today and data-miners were able to leak a few skins and cosmetics that have been added in the update. The names and rarities for these item are now known and can be seen below: The Prisoner (Legendary) Unchained and out to restore balance The Prisoner Snowfall Challenge Skin Kitbash (Epic) Show em what youre made of Sparkplug (Rare) Scrap the competition Frozen Feathers (Rare) A cold wind bellows Extra Cheese (Epic) Slice through the sky Frozen Beak (Rare) Break the ice Cold Hearted (Rare) No love lost Marshy Smasher (Rare) Spread some joy marshmello v7.30 pickaxe Squid Striker (Rare) Speak softly and carry a giant squid Scrappy (Rare) Barking out of the Boneyard Padlock (Legendary) Locked down Trash Lid (Epic) Put a lid on it Golden Clouds (Rare) Wrap Show your style New Fortnite Leaked Golden Clouds Wrap Marshmello (Rare) Spray Marshmello Spray These items should be appearing in the Fortnite Item Shop in upcoming weeks providing Epic do not remove the files but it is not known when they will be available. There are some cosmetics that are known to be rewards that will be awarded to players for completing challenges. You can read about the Marshmello event with the challenges and rewards for the event here. The post Names & Rarities of All Leaked Fortnite Skins & Cosmetics Found in the V7.30 Files appeared first on Fortnite Insider.
Fortnite Item Shop 18th January  New Jaeger and Fyra Skins Battle Axe Pickaxe and Tusk Glider  Here are all of the Daily items including skins and cosmetics for the Fortnite Item Shop for the 18th January 2019. The Item shop features the brand new Jaeger and Fyra skins along with the Battle Axe Pickaxe and Tusk Glider.  The Fortnite Item Shop updates every day to display new Fortnite skins emotes gliders pickaxes Back Blings and Wraps. Yesterdays item shop featured the Fate and Verge skins as well as the Split Wing and Diverge Gliders.  Here are all of the cosmetics available in the shop today:  Fortnite Item Shop 18th January Jaeger and Fyra Fortnite Skins  The item shop today features the recently leaked Jaeger and Fyra skins and the Battle Axe Pickaxe and Tusk Glider.  FEATURED ITEMS  JaegerSkin (Epic)  1500 V-Bucks  Battle AxePickaxe(Rare)  800 V-Bucks  FyraSkin (Epic)  1500 V-Bucks  TuskGlider(Uncommon)  500 V-Bucks  DAILY ITEMS  Clean GrooveEmote (Rare)  500 V-Bucks  Battle Pass Tiers (Epic)  600 V-Bucks  DesperadoSkin(Rare)  1200 V-Bucks  Assault TrooperSkin (Uncommon)  800 V-Bucks  Face PalmEmote (Uncommon)  200 V-Bucks  AutocleavePickaxe (Rare)  800 V-Bucks  Here are the cosmetics that were available in the Fortnite Item shop yesterday (17th January):  Fortnite Item Shop 17th January  The post Fortnite Item Shop 18th January  New Jaeger and Fyra Skins Battle Axe Pickaxe and Tusk Glider appeared first on Fortnite Insider.
LEAK: Valentines Day event challenges and rewards  A brand new update went live for Fortnite on February 5 and data minerswent diving into the sea of new code to find new information on potential upcoming events!  There were a ton of leaks with the v7.30 update on January 29 that announced new skins pickaxes back bling gliders emotes and wraps!  Within the mounds of leaks that were posted data minerShwubblz on the FortniteBR subreddit was able to find files relating to an upcoming Valentines Day event that will have challenges and rewards for players to unlock!  IMG: Shwubblz  The Love Ranger skin will be available within the Item Shop on February 14 Valentines Day and will have an unlockable Dark style.  DiabloLeaks was able to create a concept graphic of what the Dark Love Ranger skin might look like!  IMG: Shwubblz  Within the game files for v7.30 the challenges will be a challenge bundle with different sets; 4 daily challenges 5 then 6 then 7 so maybe a themed pickaxe or backbling with the challenge.  MORE: Where to find environmental campfires in Fortnite  One reward was leaked from the Valentines Day event an unlockable banner which can be seen below:  IMG: Shwubblz  The end of Season 7 is approaching with the last batch of weekly challenges releasing on February 8 so fans will have plenty to do on Valentines Day week!  The post LEAK: Valentines Day event challenges and rewards appeared first on Fortnite INTEL.
Unfinished Love Ranger Winter-themed Fortnite Skin Leaked  Thewinter-themed Love Ranger Fortnite skin was found in the files a couple of weeks ago however there were no renders for this skin at the time. Data-miners have now found textures for the skin.  In v7.00 data-miners found three winter-themed skins for skins that have already been available to purchase in the item shop. These were the Raven Red Knight and the Love Ranger skins. In these files there were only unfinished textures and not a complete outfit however Skin-Tracker have managed to create a 3D visual for the skin from these files as can be seen below:  There are no textures for the head of the skin and the Love Ranger skin has just been added on in order to complete the 3D mockup. The body and leg textures of the winter-themed Love Ranger skin arent complete however we should see more files added for the skin in the next update which will be v7.10.  Related: Fortnite player creates a weapon skin that changes through the game  ShiinaBR a leaker on Twitter has posted an image of the skin in-game which can be seen below:  Winter-themed Love Ranger Fortnite Skin in-game  The textures that were found by StormLeaks in the files are:  Love Ranger winter-themed leg texture Love Ranger winter-themed body textures  There are no textures for the Red Knight and Raven winter-themed variants and its possible therell be no leaks on this before its released in the item shop.  Related:A major shotgun bug is still in the game  As with all leaks the files can change and as it is not a complete skin its not certain the final version of the skin will look like the render. Well keep you updated if we find any new information.  The post Unfinished Love Ranger Winter-themed Fortnite Skin Leaked appeared first on Fortnite Insider.
Streamers react to Starter pack 5 and THE NEW Cobalt skin in Fortnite and they really loved it,Cobalt Skin Fortnite, The New Fortnite Starter Pack season 7 fortnite starter pack 2019.  “Cobalt StarterPack.” is among the leaks yesterday, an outfit named Cobalt was revealed. It’s an Epic skin that looks like a special ops soldier wearing a cobalt mask with some kind of writing on its forehead.  Starter Packs rotate in and out of the game, and their cosmetics usually return to the Item Shop for hig
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Full progression of the Fortnite Season 7 Snowfall Prisoner skin  The prisoner has finally been revealed.  There has been a prisoner locked away in the dungeon of Polar Peak left to freeze in the frozen tundra.  Now that the Ice Storm event has wrapped up Fortnite can continue moving forward and that means the prisoner can now thaw.  Dataminershave been busy today as the Prisoner skin and all of its stages have been datamined.  The images show there are four stages to the skin but what we dont know is how these will be unlocked.  Read More:Fortnite v7.30 Patch Notes  Chiller Grenade Mobile Controller Support and more  Previous skins that had stages such as the Tomatohead had a set of challenges that had to be completed so we could be looking at something similar here.  We can expect to see this skin in the coming weeks and its likely Fortnite will feature some sort of in-game challenge or event to go through the stages.  The Prisoner is a Legendary outfit and you can read more about him and the rest of todays leaked cosmetics in our coverage here.  You can take a look at all of the images below credit to dataminerHypex and FortniteInsider.  Stage 1 -Via FortniteInsider Stage 2 -Via FortniteInsider Stage 3 -Via FortniteInsider Stage 4 -Via FortniteInsider  The post Full progression of the Fortnite Season 7 Snowfall Prisoner skin appeared first on Fortnite INTEL.