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👑God I'll know I'll have found the one You want for me~ when I find a man with a heart like Yours. Someone who loves unconditionally~ someone who loves and lives by truth. He wont lie to me or manipulate me, mess with my feelings or deceive me. He won't pretend or make me look like a fool, in front of others or privately. He won't be unfaithful or choose to entertain other womens feelings behind my back, he won't betray me or ever let his actions be the cause for my heart to become broken. 👑
Smile and read the caption if you like it! More: @premiummensch Photo by: @loki_the_wolfdog Found: @beautifuldestinations Usually I don't copy the captions if I repost picture. But the one I found written for this picture was so true that I would like to quote it: Here at @BeautifulDestinations we believe that travel is essential to world happiness as it allows us to immerse ourselves in and learn about the cultures traditions and beauty of various destinations. We encourage you at home and thro
Adi...I vl tell you about my dream what i needed to become..And my best memory from my life there are many..Bt theres one..Adi srry its not about you..its about my parents...And i vl tell you my first lie..You should kno all these..Whatever u kno about my behavior is wrong..I havent lied to you or told u about my behavior...Soo yeah..I dont think u vl leave me..If u wanted to..U vud hav by nw..Bt u love me like the first tym i said i love you..Soo i vl tell about everything u ask and what i hav