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Some days it just flows and I feel like Im born to do this other days it feels like Im trudging through hell. Every day I make the choice to show up and see what Ive got and to try and be better. My advice: keep showing up.  Des Linden 2018 Boston Marathon Champion This week I listened to Des Linden talk about her Boston Marathon win on the @richroll podcast  so good!! Super interesting to hear her break down the race and talk about her training strategy (down to her clothing) and mindset. A must-listen if you love to geek out on running. Anyway 25 miles for the week  most mileage since mid-March! Hope everyone had a great training week!#run #vegan #nuunlife #zensah #beatyesterday #igrunners #runhappy
The Marathon: From 4:46 to 3:21. - I ran my first half marathon in 2006 (pictured) in Delaware. My goal was simply to finish using the Galloway run/walk method. My hip started hurting early in the race but I still managed to run most of the way in 4:46. - Breaking 4:00 I fell in love with marathons and I started running them every 4-5 months: Marine Corps in 4:24 Miami in 4:13 New Jersey in 4:05. By the fall of 2007 I decided I wanted to break 4:00 and I did so at the Richmond marathon in 3:56. I used the same training plan for each of these races which was running 5-7 miles on the weekdays and a long run on the weekend. No speed work but I ran all my runs at Marathon pace! - Breaking 3:50 This took me a long time. It wasnt until SIX years later that I broke 3:50. In 2013 I ran 3:48 at the small B&A Marathon and another 3:48 in Chicago. These years were plagued with bad racing weather injuries and race anxiety. The 3:48 was a real breakthrough. - Breaking 3:40 I started working with a coach in 2014 and finally had a nice string of PRs: 3:43 3:40 and 3:35. I ran the 3:35 two years after my first 3:48 at the same marathon and I was so happy to finally have qualified for Boston. - Breaking 3:30 In 2016 while training for Boston my fitness leaped way ahead of where I thought it could go. I tried breaking 3:30 in Boston but it was really hot so I really struggled and ended up hitting a huge wall. Then I got sick for 12 weeks over the summer. By the time I ran my next marathon in March 2017 I was ready to not only break 3:30 but maybe 3:20 at the same time. I ran 3:21 and was so happy about that! - Breaking 3:20 With just two minutes to shave off I thought sub-3:20 would be very possible at Boston 2018. However I backed off that goal when the forecast came out. I ran 3:26 which was great for those conditions leaving me confident that I can break 3:20 in my next marathon.
FARTLEK FOREVER! Why is the Sun trying to kill me?  Seriously though this was tough alternating between 7:00 6:30 and 7:30 pace in the heat. I just kept crossing the road to the shaded side (relatively speaking) of the Park paths.  So Yep couldn't wait to wear my new Run the World Marathon top.  Saving the Chicago one for obvious reasons. Love the colours and how it's a longer crop fit.  And listened to @rambling_runner Podcast on mental health with @watchmegtriandrun (may amend if wrong handle). Happy Tuesday all. Keep slogging and grinding!  #runhappy #runchat #womensrunningcommunity #runtoinspire #runnerscommunity #runningcommunity #running #runners #inspiringwomenrunners #girlrunner #ukrunchat #runningcommunity #blackgirlsruntoo #blackgirlmagic #ukrunner #runchat #runhard #runfar #runfast #bostonmarathon #boston2018 #bostonbound #run4prs #runallthemiles #marathontraining #instalife #stronger #howbaddoyouwantit #instarunners #igrunners #recovery #summerrunning