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Bode Miller Remembers His Daughter While Skiing Thanks to This Sweet Christmas Gift  Bode Miller and his wife Morgan Beck Miller have opened up a number of times about the tragic loss of their 19-month-old daughter Emeline after she drowned in a neighbors pool on June 10. Last year they spoke candidly about how quickly pool-related accidents can happen to anyone and theyve since shared little moments with the public about how theyve chosen to honor their late daughter. Recently Bode shared a picture of a Christmas gift he received that pays tribute to Emmy in a very special way.  My favorite Christmas present. Taking my baby girl skiing today he wrote on Instagram. The top of each ski has Emmys portrait on it and in the photo dad Bode is smiling proud remembering his daughter in the sweetest way. This is such a lovely and sentimental gift and it captures her beautifully.  Related:  Bode Miller Warns Parents to Be Vigilant Because of How "Unbelievably Quick" Drowning Happens
NEWS  Morgan Miller, fellow mom Nicole Hughes raise awareness after drowning of children   After the tragic drowning death of their infant daughter earlier this year, Olympic skier Bode Miller and wife Morgan found friendship in the midst of their grief with Nicole Hughes, a Tennessee mother whose 3-year-old son also died the same day in a devastating drowning accident. “It’s truly seconds,” Hughes told TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie. “That is how quickly he got away from us and how quickly he drowned
Experts Agree These Are the 12 Healthy Habits You Should Form in Your 30s  By the time you hit your 30s there might be a feeling that you should have it all together. In reality though youre probably still trying to figure out how to balance everything and take care of mind and body at the same time. The good news is that you dont have to become a fitness guru or nutrition expert to live your best life! Developing some easy healthy habits while in your 30s will make your life easier and help you stay on a healthy path in the years to come. Keep reading for some expert advice on eating mindfulness and more!  Related:  20 Buddha Bowl Recipes That Are as Healthy as They Are Delicious