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Carpenter Bee - banks of Brahmaputra River - Eastern HimalayasP1080662 - Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa) # 181 - 27/12/17 - 17:47  Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa) - was see on banks of Brahmaputra River- Eastern Himalayas before getting in to the cruise for 3days ride. a memorable trip !  bamboo on which the bee is perched was oscillating in-n-out towards me n the bee was flying often  was tough but luckily got few snaps ! Happy birding!  bee bird butterfly birding wow water wood tit tits flower forest flight asia china japan lugano tiger lion love girl mountainphotography nature shore grassland eagle raptor falcon lifer lovers flickr rose camera cannon fish europe belgium france netherlands finland poland amsterdam moscow england iceland bengal africa southafrica norway sweden germany denmark italy rome paris usa brazil canada newyork america california london madagascar himalayas animal landscape wildlife jungle insect carpenter carpenterbee day sunset beach river pink