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My beautiful and deeply transformative month in Mama Bali has drawn to a close.. I cant wait to hold my children in my arms and hang out with the love of my life again and I will miss this time and this place and these people immensely.. I fell truly blessed to have made so many new friends and bonds - with fellow retreaters and local Balinese people.. #CrazyBeautiful #recoveringperfectionist #creativitybegetscreativity #goaldigger #doless #seekthesimplicity #bali #mamabali #earthquake #ifeeltheearthmove #laptoplifestyle #workfromanywhere
Today i found  30 mins of my time to get a barbell workout  done at the gym. 10 t0 1of power clean-front squat - push press.  It really gets your heart pumping.  Im off to bali to start my new job as a head trainer at the ultimate fitness camp tomorrow and i hope earthquakes wont scare  the shit out me. i loved my time in Singapore and im sure  i will be back. #offtobali #training #barbellworkout #powerclean #frontsquat #pushpress #cardio #strenght #sweat #newjob #newadventures #underarmour #coolgymclothes #tigershoes #singapore #lovethiscity
Get outa here!  Tuesday? Already?  It's an interesting feeling when you are on a  soul-fuelled mission to empower millions of women around the globe to blow their own beautiful minds and you really don't even know what day it is.  As I sit here reflecting on the past few days in Bali I'm totally blown away by the force behind my higher calling to make a massive global impact.  And now that I'm home I can really feel the totality of my axis shift.  What I experienced in Bali was more beautiful than words could ever describe.  I specifically went to next-level my business and came home with an unexpected and deliciously deeper connection and understanding of who I am and what my purpose in life is.  I give thanks to the Bali energy the full moon the earthquake the powerful leaders I had the privilege of hanging out with my intuition and also my desire to step in to a bigger more powerful version of myself  It's not just me shifting though.  Can you feel it?  We are cracking open.  We are yearning for more satisfaction.  More joy.  More love.  More confidence.  More purpose.  More meaning.  The shift is real.  And together we have the opportunity to rise.  COMMENT BELOW with "I FEEL IT TOO" if you hear me  #blowyourownbeautifulmind #empower #love #acknowledgement #ifeelyou #rise #connection #life #purpose #empowerment